Choose joy and be happy!

Sometimes we can feel that life is comfortable enough, we have everything we need, yet have a feeling that something is missing, we want more…. we’re just don’t know how ‘more’ looks. It may be that our soul is nudging us to become more of who we are, to stretch and do something new. We may be looking for more passion, a sense of purpose or meaning.

And… it may that we are being asked to change, internally, the way we see things.

What if…

  • you were to be thankful and appreciate all that you have
  • find the good in everyone and everything
  • know that you have the power to change things
  • you were to find joy in doing something that makes life easier for others….

…what difference would that make?

What is it that would allow you to choose to feel satisfied?

Sometimes all we need is to give ourselves credit for what we’ve achieved in life and know that good things happen for us all – not to expect that things will turn out badly.

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