Bringing in softness

It’s often said that our personal struggles offer our greatest lessons. When we experience hurt or loss, it can feel like we don’t have the strength to pick our self up and move on. Most times however we do. Somehow we find the courage to take the first step, then the next, until finally we find the focus and determination to make a new start.

Sometimes however we over-compensate in order to avoid the sense of loss, hurt, rejection we feel. In order to feel better, to protect our self, we can become so strong, our will focused on being in control at all times, we can develop a hard shell. We don’t allow our self to be vulnerable. We become so consumed by the need to feel better, we focus on looking after our self and sometimes there is no energy left for anyone else and how they feel.

When our ego is out of balance, it’s because one aspect of our self is more predominant that the others. When our archetypes work together, the energy is softer, and we can feel harmony within.

A diamond truly shines when it is lit by the spark of light, the love within our heart.

What difference would it make to bring more softness into your life? How could you do that? If you were to change the way you think, how could that impact your relationships with others, your day-to-day life? What would happen if you were to allow things to be rather than force things?

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