Blue skies…

Here we are about to step into a New Year. How are you feeling? D’you feel…

  • optimistic – your heart full of anticipation;
  • clear about who you are and where you’d like to go;
  • happy to be who you are?

How willing are you to step into and explore the unknown? Are you ready to embrace everything, and allow everything to come to you? D’you feel the freedom to say ‘yes!’ to all the opportunities that come your way? The unknowable is always in operation and, if we can accept that, it can get on with its work.

When however we look to control outcomes, we close the door on our guidance. When we’re unwilling to allow things to be, when we think we have to be on duty all the time to make sure it all happens, that’s when things go AWOL!

If you’re feeling a bit lost or confused, perhaps stuck, you don’t have to stay that way. To make a new start, you simply need to make the choice…and usually our soul nudges us to do just that! Then, it’s a case of being who you really are and finding the courage to do things differently. The nudge can come as a result of a painful experience, a sudden upheaval in life. Or, it may be that we simply wake up to the fact that we are holding our self back, life has become boring. We’ve forgotten how to dream – perhaps because we’ve been too busy taking care of others.

To be who we are, of course we need to understand our self, to see and accept all of our facets. Soon we will be introducing or new programme, Clarity, which helps you to get clear about who you think you are and expand your ideas of who you can become – so watch this space!

Life is a journey, what is possible for you in the year ahead?

When you connect with your heart, when you approach life open-armed, anything is possible.

Happy New Year!

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