Beyond limits

When you go on the journey of understanding and becoming more of who you are, the chances are that there can be quite a few rocks on your path! You need to look at the gift of these rocks, whether they be your conditioning, beliefs, fears, judgements, anything that blocks your way, and find a way to skip over them.

It’s good to look at what causes you to question, to hesitate, or doubt yourself and you can start by looking at your beliefs.

You can ask yourself –  how do you see yourself? Do you have a clear sense of identity? Is there anything within how you see yourself that has you feeling small?

Perception is a wonderful thing, it’s simply the way you see things; and how you see things is a function of how you filter your experiences. The good news is that you can change your filter!

Whenever you see your self in a way that has you feeling trapped, whenever you feel lost, you can activate the diamond within your heart and look at things from a different light. There is the potential for your heart to expand, and you can free your self from any limiting conditioning by looking at yourself through the eyes of acceptance and love. It’s about accepting everything within you that makes you unique including your connection to the Divine. As you let go of judgement, you see that humanity is one family.

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