Beauty and colour

As we look back over 2020, my goodness what a year it’s been! With so many unexpected events, it’s been challenging for each of us in many different ways – individually and collectively.

  • How did you find a sense of stability?
  • What is your perception of why this is all happening?
  • What do you think needs to change?

We can look at the world today and simply complain about everything – we can say we’ve created a right mess of things – or – we can take responsibility and say ‘Ok, if this is how it is, what sort of world do I want to live in and what do I need to change within me to make that happen?’

In every challenge, there’s an opportunity. With those we don’t enjoy, I’ve found this is particularly the case! So, as we move into a new year, what is the opportunity for you? What new way of living, of being, do you want to create?

What difference might it make to you to live with acceptance? Big picture, what difference d’you think that might make?

D’you remember as a child how magical, how mysterious everything was, how curious and joyful you felt?  Even if you didn’t have what you might say was a ‘great’ childhood, we create magic in our imagination. We dream and in our dreams everything is possible, is it not? D’you remember that innocence?

That innocence is still within us, and we can awaken it by seeing the beauty in life which is always there. Our planet is radiant – in spite of the pollution – its alive and vibrant, full of colour  – just see the rays of the sun’s light play through the trees or on the leaf of a plant. Do you see the mystery of it? The people around us, no matter how they behave, there is light within us all. Our experiences, even in our misery and pain, offer opportunities to see the beauty and the oneness of life. I remember when my sister was dying… as hard as it was physically, there was something beautiful, heart touching, in simply being with her and her family. Beauty is not just physical, it’s an energetic resonance.

Are willing to explore life in all its colour? How can you weave the colours of your life together to create something beautiful?

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