An adventure story?


Is your story one of fun and adventure, or, are you someone who likes life to be comfortable?

If you are happy being comfortable, that’s great. However, if  it’s the case that things are the same old, same old… you’re comfortable enough, yet deep inside there’s a knowing that something is missing, that’s different. You want something more, you’re not sure what.

We’re here to learn and grow, and when we have that feeling that something is missing, our soul is giving us a call. Wake up, wake up, it’s time to explore!

Perhaps it’s time to inject some fun into a relationship? To create time for you – to relax or be silly – rather than work, work, work? Is it time to make a new start? Change job…relocate?

Sometimes life’s experiences can propel us into making changes. Other times we can simply choose to do things differently. So, where are you right now? What is your dream for 2018? Are you willing to take a leap of faith and venture into the unknown? When we do that and it’s in line with our highest good, Spirit always takes care of us.

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