All is well

When we’re in the middle of a challenge, when we’re in pain, we might not like to hear that we’re never given more than we can handle and that all is well. So, how can we get to that place of accepting, of trusting, of knowing that all is well, always?

When we accept that we’re here to learn and grow, that our soul likes to nudge us to do exactly that, and that we are always supported, there are no such things as mistakes, we can trust – if we’re willing. All that takes is opening our heart.

It’s tricky however to open our heart if we’re afraid that someone is going to steal it!  If we see our self as a victim in any situation, it’s natural to want to protect our self from any hurt, which means that we can never heal. Opening our heart to our inner certainty, to the strength of our true self, means handing it all over to what will be – which is not easy if we have a mind that worries, an emotional body that fears the unknown, and a habit of wanting to control life. We want to hold tight, we want to be safe, we fear change. The truth is our heart knows what is best for us.

All is well is the basis of acceptance. No matter how things might appear to be, how precarious it all seems, there is a plan for us and in accepting that we can let go of any idea that things have to be the way we want them to be.

The gift of then stepping into the unknown is there can be so many magical surprises!

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