Acceptance – no regrets.

D’you ever find yourself wishing that you had done things differently? A snap decision, something said in haste, a need to make the ‘right decision’ only to find that you made one big ‘mistake’?

Having regrets is not much fun, it keeps you stuck in the past, clinging to negativity, reminding you of what you perceive to be your failures and disappointments.

What if … at that time you were looking to get a need met in the only way you knew how? Could you have compassion and let it go? What if…moving forwards you look to meet that need from within?

You can look at things differently, see life as an adventure with lots of lessons…no ‘mistakes’.  As long as you reflect on the learning, understand the significance of your experience and take action to change, all is good.

Better to accept and make peace with the past, and invest in who you are being right now. Living in the present moment, you can let go of the past and choose not to worry about the future which you can’t control! You can take each day as it comes, stop and smell the roses, walk away from any energies that don’t resonate…and smile at the world! You can let go of the seriousness of it all and find a sense of humour, of play, of delight. Living from your heart …how might that impact the world around you?

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