A gentle breeze, or, howling gale.

Are you curious about who you are?

Are you open to change?

Are your thoughts inclusive and kind?

If so, the energy you’re tapping into is the element of air. Air is about our communication, concepts, the bigger picture.

Air used constructively communicates with our heart, our soul. It’s creative – original and versatile – it’s light. It listens to and can inspire others to dream and reach high. And, when we’re aligned with the diamond within our heart, the spark of light that is the essence of who we are, anything is possible!

This element is needed to keep energy moving, it can’t keep still. If it stops to analyse ‘why’, it can slow things down and get stuck.

Those of us with the element of air in our archetypal make-up are natural communicators, we enjoy engaging with others and can be very sociable. Some of the best collaborators have strong air energy, as are great diplomats. However, the challenge for diplomats is people-pleasing – they need to be appreciated. To overcome this, the opportunity is to learn to communicate in an elegant, refined way without sabotaging themselves.  

Air represents our thoughts.  Of course, our mind can go round in circles, and, it can easily get bored which means that we can get distracted, our energy scatters and we’re unable to focus on achieving our goals. And, if our mindset worries about getting it right, we may procrastinate and fail to achieve anything. When we think we can’t, we get stuck resisting the flow of life. We become stubborn, our energy heavy.

If our mind is highly critical, the opportunity is to open our heart and be willing to understand others. To learn to be objective, to develop attitudes based on facts and truth, not on our judgements or any feeling of not being good enough. To accept the divine in everyone even when they behave in a way we don’t like. After all we each have free will.

Right now our world is going through a time of enormous judgement as reflected by hurricanes and storms on every continent. How can you respect different perspectives and accept what is, even when you disagree? How can you balance your thoughts (air) and emotions (water) so that you can stand steady when everything around you is changing?

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