A different Christmas

This Christmas is going to be different! Often defined by tradition, with the prospect of not having that this year, it’s important to accept how things are, to be realistic … and adapt. We don’t want to put others at risk so this is truly a time to focus on the good of all.

There are so many ways to spread the joy of Christmas, you simply need to focus on what matters most … and get creative. Santa is most definitely an “Essential worker”, so he will still be there for you!

Having grown up in Scotland and celebrated a traditional white Christmas, it’s taken a little while to get used to Christmas in the southern hemisphere. Instead of warm, winter coats, it’s shorts, tee-shirts and jandals (flipflops). Instead of gathering around the fire, families and friends come together and enjoy picnics and barbeques outdoors, go overnight camping, or have a swim. In New Zealand, they even have their own Christmas tree – the Pōhutukawa, a native tree that blooms with vibrant red bauble-like flowers along the sea shore.

Wherever we are in the world, however we celebrate, we all have our own ways. What matters is the spirit of Christmas – sharing light, sharing joy. It’s about opening our hearts and giving; it’s about goodwill.

Presents can still be opened, Christmas lunch celebrated, we can wear our funny Christmas sweaters…or tee-shirts… we can sing karaoke carols and play silly games, all on Zoom. We can let people we love know how much they mean to us, thank our neighbours – just by making a call. We can give back to our community, perhaps give treats to our local hospital or the old peoples home, the fire department, we might volunteer to help distribute food parcels.

Who knows, this Christmas may be the best Christmas ever just because its different! 2020 has been a mammoth year, one we will remember, so let’s make it a great one.

What does the spirit of Christmas mean to you?

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