A diamond’s cut

Imagining a world living in peace….where you feel happy with what is…

Like climate change, it’s down to us; and there is a way. It starts with understanding, then being at peace with our self.

In fine jewellery, a diamond’s uniqueness is determined by its characteristics as measured by the four C’s … cut, colour, carat and clarity. Cut can be used to describe the external appearance, it’s shape; however cut is all about sparkle and symmetry, how well the diamond reflects white light.

In terms of understanding yourself, like the diamond you’re unique. How do you see yourself? If you feel uncertain, you can explore how you’ve been shaped by the values others put on you, understanding your conditioning, beliefs, your filters.  

So, you can look at what you were told about who you are by your family and teachers when you were growing up, and how your experiences have shaped your thinking. Were you told that you were…the clever one, the sporty one, the joker, bossy…? You can look at the story you tell yourself about your childhood and the environment in which you grew up. Seeing it as you do…how has it benefited you?

We create stories to give meaning to our lives, to validate what we think, to justify our actions or find reasons for what other people do. It’s good to work through the layers our mind creates that cloud our heart so we can come home to who we really are.

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