The voice

When I felt lost and confused and didn’t know which way to turn, one of my biggest challenges was making decisions. What to do? Well-meaning friends all had advice to offer – along with different voices within me.

Which voice do you listen to – the still soft voice of your soul, the voice of your ego that tells you what you want to hear, or the voice of your mind that doubts?

Do you listen to your inner voice that guides you kindly, gently  – or the harsh voice of your inner critic; the worrier who imagines the worst; the perfectionist who thinks you are never good enough; the victim who feels helpless and tells you that you can never do it?

What if … each voice of the different energies within you were to come together in harmony? What tune would you then sing? You can learn to do this through understanding your personal archetypes.

It’s all too easy to criticise our self, and, such a waste of energy since there is no such thing as perfect. If it’s a habit that you would like to change, here are some tips that can help:
  • Decide to be happy being you, appreciate every single facet
  • Change the way you see things and, wow, what a different picture. What does love say?
  • As a wise and loving guide has taught me – ‘know with your heart, love with your mind’
  • Look at what you see as your weaknesses and ask how each supports you. What is the positive aspect?
  • Thank all your self-judgments for being part of your journey, put them in a beautiful pink bubble, and let them float away.

And something to ponder…if we take pride in not criticising our self, if we avoid criticising our self, that is the ego, our way of protecting ourselves.  Constructive criticism can help us to understand, learn and grow.

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