The first time…

Isn’t it wonderful when you do something for the first time? Riding a bike, first day at school, first kiss, receiving your first pay-check, flying alone, first dinner party….

Children do it all the time. Adults? Afraid of making mistakes, looking silly, need to conform… we can lose that ability to risk.

Today I’m feeling the thrill of sharing my first radio interview. Talking with Ana Isabel of the Mind Matters show on My Spirit Radio in London, I share my experience of connecting with the  diamond within my heart, and what I’ve learned about self-sacrifice and kindness.

If you’d like to listen to it, here you go –

Not so long ago, I was like a squeaky little mouse, afraid to say what I thought. Today I’ve let go of that fear, knowing that some will agree with what I say, and some will not. I no longer need people to like me.

Are you willing to risk and do something different for the first time? How would your life change if you said ‘yes’ to everything?

Doing something new helps build confidence and can make dreams come true. Go on, have a go – I dare you!

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