Here is a poem I’d like to share with you, a gift from my daughter when I founded my business in 2008…


Imagine a turbulent ocean, ravaged by storms

Imagine the contourless fears shut inside Pandora’s box

Imagine a seabird with it’s wings clamped down, afraid of flight

Imagine a single lotus shut tightly against the darkness of night


And now…


Imagine being brave enough to reign in the storm

Imagine being brave enough to open the box

Imagine the seabird spreading its wings and taking flight

Imagine the lotus blossoming amidst the dawn


Imagine the morning light rising behind you

Imagine the spirit soaring inside you

Imagine stepping off the vast cliff before you

Divine wind at your back


And knowing that someone –

Maybe your self –

Will be there to meet you

Arms open wide in welcome

A smile stretching wide across their face.


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