Pathway to Freedom and being yourself

Diamonds bring joy to others, don’t they? There is something magical about seeing a diamond sparkle!

And sometimes they lose their lustre through simple wear and tear.  If this is you – we’ve all been through a pretty tough time recently – and you want to rediscover your joy, join our new online group and find your magic once again.

Find what you need within yourself to be yourself and move forwards…


A roadmap to who you are becoming.

We’ll meet every Tuesday on-line on Zoom for 6 weeks

at 7 pm NZ, 6 pm Vanuatu, 5 pm Sydney,  8am UK.


You’ll find a way to move through life with ease and grace, focusing on your strengths, on positive, constructive and creative thoughts, and simply enjoy life, enjoy being YOU!

The cost is just NZ$399.

You’ll receive your personal online copy of “Polishing the Diamond”,  and lots of support and encouragement.


Week 1: How you will move forward

Week 2: Get a sense of perspective

Week 3: Look at how you see yourself

Week 4: Remember what brings you joy in life and… make a point of creating more of it!

Week 5: What does it mean to you?

Week 6: Building – anything is possible!