Who in the world am I?

“Who in the world am I?”, asked Alice in her quest for identity. On the surface, a story that is considered by some to be about fun and nonsense, underneath a deeper meaning about growth and expansion.

“Who am I?” – a great question for us all, a question we can face when we feel lost or confused, when we choose to make a change in life, or when we simply want to understand ourself more.

Where to start with something that you can ask again and again as you dig deeper into understanding yourself? You can start by asking how do you see ourself now. Of course, what you see on the surface is simply that – and often it’s an illusion. ‘Curiouser and curiouser’, says Alice – is it real or is it imagination?

What lies within is what matters, not what appears on the surface, and, who we are becoming.

So, you can ask “Who am I?” – without the status of your job, house, car, trinkets, relationships…and look for the treasure within.

Life is full of mystery. We are multi-faceted, here to learn and grow, constantly changing. We become more of who we are through seeing and accepting all of who we are.

And when does ‘who am I?’ shift to ‘we’? When we move beyond our personality self to recognise and align with our soul, to allow its light to shine, focusing on how we can use our gifts to support others, when we think of the good of all, that’s when we shift to ‘we’.

Where do you separate, where do you connect with others?


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