Who am I at heart?

Last week I shared a little about my experience of being in quarantine, and how we can support ourself when we are alone , when we have nothing to do except simply be.

Of course, when we have not nothing to do except be with ourself, we might ask ‘who am I … and…how do I know who I am?’

Where to start with something that we can ask again and again as we dig deeper into understanding ourself? We can start by asking first of all how do we see ourself now. Of course, what we see on the surface is simply that – the appearance of who we are, who we think we should be. What lies within, the significance of who we are, is what matters.

So, we can ask Who am I – without the status of our job, house, car, trinkets, relationships…and look for the treasure within. It’s about what’s in our heart and what we’re capable of.

Life is full of mystery. We are multi-faceted, here to learn and grow, constantly changing. We become more of who we are through getting in touch with our heart. We are each part of the Diamond Heart of the Divine and when we activate that everything is possible.

And when does ‘who am I?’ shift to ‘we’? When we move beyond our personality self to recognise and align with our soul, to allow its light to shine, focusing on how we can use our strengths and gifts to help others, when we think of the good of all, that’s when we shift to ‘we’.

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