White …and the snowdrop

We’ve looked at all the colours of the rainbow now…what about white? White contains all the colours of the spectrum within it, and it’s a symbol of purity and innocence. Its fresh, clean, clear, new…its light.

When I think of white, I remember walking in the woods and seeing the first snowdrops ….  a whisper that spring is coming. When things seem cold and bleak, the snowdrop appears and reminds us of new beginnings, a new cycle. It’s a peaceful colour and has a feeling of hope.

While many of us are feeling worried, angry, or perhaps depressed about what happening in the world right now, no matter how bleak things are, how helpless we feel, whatever the obstacle, there is always an opportunity, a pathway. What if… we’re at the beginning of a new cycle; what if…we accept everything as it is, then focus on how to be who we really are and how we want to live differently?

True peace begins with finding peace within yourself. How can you be at peace within yourself, then with others, and come together to create a new world?

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