What is your unique brilliance? Yes, your’s!

When I began my journey of ‘getting to know me’, I didn’t have a clue who I really was at heart. To be honest, I’m still learning and in fact the more i learn, the more I see that I don’t know!

I’ve played plenty of roles – daughter, sister, student, wife, mother, friend. I know how to be a ‘domestic goddess’, to create a beautiful home and entertain well. I have a sense of style and can dress elegantly. I can also be a slob! I’m interested in art and interior design. I’ve been a hands-on mum. I’ve been a carer, a peace-maker; I listened to everyone’s problems. I am organised and efficient, practical. I’m aware financially, and can plan and budget. I am curious, interested in different cultures and ideas; I love to travel. I am fascinated by people and how relationships work – or not. I adore watching children. I take delight in being in nature, enjoying the beauty of a magnificent sunset, feeling the sand between my toes…. I have defined myself as an author, a coach, a speaker, a facilitator. Yet, none of these roles or qualities tell me just who I am, nor why I am here. For now, I say “I am Glynis”.

What I’ve come to see is that the reason we’re here is to learn and grow, and share ourselves with others. Real learning comes from our experiences. So, if I look back on my life and look at what has been the main thread of my learning, I see that my number one lesson has been about self acceptance and loving self. And, my reason for being here, my purpose if you like, is to share how I went about doing that, what the benefits have been to me, and inspire you to do the same!

My challenges have been a wake-up call. They allowed me to awaken my heart and connect to my spirit. I’m here to show the way of spirit. My greatest fear was that I was alone and would not be able to handle life on my own. That experience of feeling alone allowed me to discover I am not alone. Yes, I needed to learn to stand alone and make my own decisions for me, and, I am always connected to the Divine and I am always supported.

To accept our self, we need to know who we are. So….if you look at your life….what is your uniqueness? What are your gifts, your strengths, your flaws? What do you love most? What sort of diamond are you? What do your life challenges show you about how you can help others? Are you here to learn balance, communication, focus, discipline, patience, tolerance, compassion, forgiveness, non-judgment…. something else? What have you learned from your emotions? What is your unique brilliance? Your contribution to others is not so much about what you do, but who you are.

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