What if …

“You don’t want a million answers as much as you want a few forever questions. The questions are diamonds

you hold in the light. Study a lifetime and you see different colours from the same jewel. The same questions,

asked again, bring you just the answers you need

just the minute you need them”.

Richard Bach

A few months ago, I asked…

What if …anything were possible….who would you be…what would you be doing?

As we stand at the doorway to a new year, I offer the same question again.


If you’re making a new start in life, have you taken time to clear away any bricks, thorns or weeds that have hardened your heart? Any judgements or unresolved feelings that keep you in the past or stop you from accepting all that is? This work needs to be done, it can be tough, a bit muddy, messy – you can take a shower afterwards!

Looking ahead, what seeds do you want to plant… what do you want to create … how do you want to live?

Often when we’re making a new start, we may not be clear on our path. Are you willing to follow  your heart and see where it takes you? To pay attention to what you feel drawn to, take a little step, then another? Our soul will alway ask us to reach a little higher. What if…you were to reach for the moon?

I love to spend a little time in the morning imagining… what if…. what if anything were possible…what sort of world do I want to live in, what magic do I want to create, how can I make a  difference. Often I then find my heart feels full and I have a spring in my step! Perhaps you might like to try it? Then, if you make a habit of doing something each day that brings you joy, it may be surprising what you experience.

If you’d like to understand yourself more, to explore why you are here, take a look at our archetypes programme. You will see both your strengths and gifts more clearly and what holds you back from living your highest potential. Through that understanding,  you can find ways to feel more balanced mentally and emotionally, and enjoy more meaningful  relationships.


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