What do you need to feel certain within yourself?

When life is turned upside down and you don’t know what to do, what do you need in order to feel certain within yourself ? How can you take care of yourself until you’re able to pick yourself up and focus on what next?

Much as you might resist, rather than put on a brave face and pretend that ‘everything is fine”, it really does help to feel all your feelings! I remember once feeling so shocked, so numb with fear, I felt as if I was being physically strangled. Then, when I asked for help and still couldn’t speak, I burst into tears. That was the beginning of a breakthrough – being able to talk about how I felt.

Sharing with friends and family, getting support from a professional is important and, if you can’t physically be with people because of lockdown, you can spend time with them on the phone so you don’t need to be isolated. It’s good of course to be with friends who are supportive…and don’t offer advice! They will want to be there for you.

You can take care of yourself physically through getting a good night’s sleep, regular exercise, eating well; and for some having a structured routine can provide a sense of stability. Meditation and being aware of simply being through your breath and senses can take your attention away from your mind and all its worries or negativity.  

Self care in the end is about being at peace with who you are and where you are, it’s about acceptance. When you’re happy to be who you are, that in itself nurtures you.

Not knowing how the future will look offers an opportunity to find your inner strength, to be there for yourself. When you connect to the Diamond Within your Heart, you know that all is well no matter what, and, you know are not alone.

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