What colour of diamond are you?

Diamonds come in different shapes, sizes and colours, and, like the diamond, you are unique…you just need to see it! Every diamond has its own beauty and value. You don’t need to worry whether you’ve got a diamond in heart or not, each of us is born with a divine spark of light within us. The diamond is your potential, and the goal in life is to walk a path where your soul shines like the diamond you are.

Colour is a wonderful thing, it affects your mood and how you feel, it transmits messages. It represents your consciousness. Have you ever stopped to consider what colour defines you?

Think of the colour red… Red is the colour of fire and blood, its energy is warm, passionate, courageous, and it wants to get out there and do something, to live life to the full! It can evoke feelings of excitement, power, danger … and anger and aggression.

What colour of light is at the heart of who you are?

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