As Christmas and the end of the year approach, it’s great to take time to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate what we love about our life and what we’ve created.

So…. what you can you acknowledge yourself for over the past year? To what extent did you live in line with your intent, your values, your commitments? Did you achieve your goals, the success you are looking for? How much did you embrace the qualities you want to cultivate? Perhaps more patience, kindness, generosity, calmness, resilience… Were you focused, or did you get distracted? What do you appreciate most about you?

And, as we approach the beginning of a New Year, it’s great to take stock and acknowledge where we find ourselves now. So…

– what d’you like about your life, and what do you want to change?

– where do you feel successful, not so successful?

– what do you really want?

– how responsible and accountable do you rate yourself?

– how well are you physically? What might you want to focus on in the coming year?

– how connected do you feel – towards yourself, and others?

– how do you rate your relationships with others?

– how emotionally balanced do you feel?

– how comfortable are you in making choices?

– how much clarity do you have when it comes to your commitments?

– how capable do you feel about having challenging conversations?

Asking these questions then allows us to reflect on ….what do I want to do differently, and what will it mean when I achieve that? What might I need to give up – what attachments? What can I bring to the world?

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