Too good to be true?

Listening to a client excitedly share her news of a new relationship, I heard her say “I had to pinch myself, it felt too good to be true”. What I heard behind her words was – I’m not sure I deserve good things in life, I’m not sure I deserve to be happy, I’m not worthy enough.

When we don’t believe we deserve the good things in life that belief creates our reality. Change the belief that you’re not worthy, find the divine within, take responsibility for creating what you want, and you change your experience. So, cultivate a solid, secure relationship with self. You can do this with our Archetypes programme.

The truth is life is abundant, life is rich; and the abundance we enjoy is a reflection of the love we have for our self. The more we value our self, the more we experience abundance. When we fully accept who we are, when we celebrate our strengths and weaknesses equally with no conditions, we find that we have more than we need. When we connect with the diamond within our heart, the richness of self shines through and anything is possible.

If you want to enjoy good things in life, imagine what would be possible, what you could do if you had no limitations. Start your day imagining, dreaming…  In the words of the song…”if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna make your dream come true?’  Be thankful for what already exists in your life – remind yourself daily. Get out into nature, breathe in the beauty of creation all around you. Life is a gift!

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