Time to shine

Moving into the new year, we have the opportunity to shine! So…it’s good to ask:

What does shining your light mean to you?

How do you shine?

What stops you from shining your light?

Shining our light is simply about being who we are, living authentically and in integrity, aligned on all levels, and enjoying life. Sharing the good things in our life with others.

First, we need to see the light within our self, to see that we are more than we think we are and celebrate who we are. Notice what you love doing, what matters to you. We all have strengths and gifts and when we embrace them, and share our passion, our joy with others, the world becomes a brighter place.

We also want to recognise the light in others, to see the beauty, the wonderful things in others. And, when we see that the same light is in everything around us, that we are all interconnected, then we can open up to our magnificence.

It’s easy to see the light in a new diamond. Over time, however, a diamond can become dull and lack lustre as dirt and grime attach to it. Too often our fear of not being good enough, the limitations we impose on our self, our beliefs, our conditioning, cloud our light.

How often do you focus on what you are not and what you think you need to have rather than who you are and who you can be?

When we appreciate all our facets, when we have the confidence to be all of who we are, we shine brightly just like the sun. When we share our joy, we lift people up and what could be better at a time when our media focuses on negativity and fear?

So….is it time to polish your diamond and allow your essence to shine?




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