Time to appreciate your self

Have you ever longed for someone to appreciate you…and felt disappointed?

Of course, it’s not anybody else’s job to appreciate us; and, if we’re feeling un-appreciated, it’s good to learn to do it for our self. How we talk to and treat ourself determines how we truly feel. What we say about ourself to ourself, our thoughts create our reality.

When we appreciate our self, we’re more likely to appreciate others and it no longer matters whether others appreciate us. We’re simply happy to be who we are.

We live in a world where appreciation tends to be focused on possessions rather than any qualities within us. If we want to become more of who we are, we need to appreciate our value. How to go about that?

You can make a start simply by looking at what you like about who you are right now and choose 3 qualities you value within you. Then, look at what you would like to change, 3 aspects that you don’t like so much. Then, looking at the 3 qualities you appreciate, consider how they could each limit, and, looking at the qualities you might see as weaknesses, consider how they could in fact benefit you. What d’you see?

You can look at what makes you feel fully alive, what brings you joy and how you can bring that to people around you.

Our inclusions are within us for a purpose, and are what lead us to shine. And when we appreciate all of our facets, we feel balanced and whole. And what’s more, we appreciate that there are always others who can offer us learning, each one of us has value.

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