Thriving on change

Some people see life as a struggle; others believe we’re here to thrive, not simply survive. What is your view?

I see our struggles, and most of us experience one or two in life, as opportunities to thrive – to grow, to blossom, to become more of who we are  – although admittedly it might be hard to see it that way at the time! Often we find that our soul is nudging us to move on to what more there is of who we are that we can experience. Whereas, surviving is merely existing, choosing the path of least resistance, limitation.

Whether we experience illness or loss – a loved one, a relationship, money, a job – we can turn our life challenges into opportunity, all we need to do is find our resilience.

How to thrive on change?

In the face of any ‘crisis’, we need to take stock of our immediate needs. We need to nurture our self… with kindness. Managing our emotions during times of stress is vital. We want to be able to feel any sadness, pain, fear, frustration, disappointment, and, let it dissolve so that we can move on to feel the stillness within our heart and look to the future. Having the courage to face our doubts and fears, to risk and do things differently comes next. Looking at what is possible before thinking about what is impossible. We need to ‘Know thyself’, understand our strengths and weaknesses, so we can develop a solid, supportive relationship with our self, and stand strong in who we are. We want to find our inner toughness – and not allow adversity to define us.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by some challenge, our new programme Finding Resilience will help you to feel the ground beneath your feet again, find your inner strength to bounce back, and then make a new start. Contact me now if you want to talk about what you are dealing with and what you need.

When everything feels out of control, being present, living day by day, is often all we can do. Funnily, when we trust in the flow of life, allowing things to unfold rather than hold on tightly to how we expect things ‘should’ be, life becomes easier.







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