Things ain’t what they used to be… hooray!

Last month, travelling overseas for the first time post Covid, what I noticed was that many travellers were grumpy …grumpy that things were not what they used to be, there was a lot of frustration and complaining in the air.

Complaining is just one way to become aware that we’re expecting things to be different and feel disappointed. It keeps us stuck and we can go round in circles asking ‘why’, it allows no room for moving forwards.

The truth is – things ain’t what they used to be. There are staff shortages, challenges with supply chains, price increases, financial concerns, there is war, climate change, all of which all have an impact. And, we can choose how to be with this – we can react or respond, we can create something new.

The funny thing is most of us don’t feel any better after complaining … and it gets in the way of you seeing and celebrating the good in your life. So, to change any habit of of complaining, feel in your heart all that you are thankful for – there’s a gift in everything…even in things being different now! Even if things aren’t perfect, there are things that are wonderful.

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