There is a way…

Last month we talked about John Lennon’s dream of the world living in peace, and looked at the big picture of what might need to change to make our planet a better place.

Of course, if we want to change something it begins with our self, with finding another way of being. When you connect with your heart, your magic, and where it wants to take you, everything is possible… no dream is too big!

Sounds simple, where to start? You can start by understanding and accepting who you are, looking at how you see yourself, understanding your beliefs, why they are there and how they support or limit you. Of course, it’s a good idea not to judge them! If a belief is no longer holds good for you, then you can replace it.

Understanding your beliefs opens the door to understanding that other people have their own beliefs. Everyone has a choice as to how they live.

It starts with willingness, being willing to explore who you are, to discover your qualities, your strengths and your perceived weaknesses which may just turn out to be gifts!

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