The diamond – the richness of self

A symbol of the richness of self – who we are, our value, our purpose – the diamond comprises many different facets that can be polished to allow light to pass through them. The quality of the different facets – how refined they are – determines the brilliance of the diamond. The more light we bring in, the more impact on the world around us

So, d’you live in the positive aspects of who you are? For example, if you have the pioneering energy within you, do you motivate and direct, or, do you tend to be impatient, impulsive, irritable?

The key, I’ve found, to a rich inner life is acceptance – acceptance of the fullness of who we are, every single facet, even the bitch if that’s part of you! So, the question is what extent do you feel able to be fully yourself with others… and to respect difference in others?

When we embrace all of who we are, when all our facets come together as a whole, when we look at our self through the eyes of acceptance and love, that’s when we transform, that’s when the true beauty of the diamond within shines. So, is there anything within you that you have yet to find the will to face?

And, while the diamond is symbolic of purity, clarity, love, it’s also the hardest mineral of all and is considered to represent resilience and timelessness. No matter what challenges we face, the diamond is within our heart forever – our connection to Spirit is always there. We are always taken care of.

Connecting to All That Is, we see the quality of the Divine we hold, and can live from our Essence and radiate light. Remember, you have a loving heart – you are love.

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