The circle of life

A dear friend of mine recently lost both his parents within a very short period of time, then, soon afterwards his son announced that he and his wife are expecting a baby. A grandchild for him.

The Circle of life. Nature’s way of taking and giving back life to earth – when something dies, it gives new life to another. The circle of unity with all things in the universe being inter-related and an equal part of the whole, all of us children of the Divine, each sharing an equal place. When mixed together, we represent all the colours of the rainbow.

Many of us talk about valuing equality. How many of us know that we are equal?

Western cultures tend to see life as linear. How often is it the case that we feel sad about endings? What would happen if we were to cherish all parts of life?

Is there anything from your past getting in the way of you moving forward? Often the pain of the past is what keeps us stuck. We can let it go!


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