In New Zealand, there’s a story about the pohutukawa tree with it’s beautiful crimson flowers that have become part of the country’s Christmas tradition. Pohutukawa, meaning sprinkled by spray, is often found along the seashore. Maori legend say that a young warrior who was looking to find heaven in an attempt to avenge the death of his father fell to the earth and the fiery red flowers with golden tips are said to represent his blood. And…. a lone pohutukawa tree at Cape Reinga, where the two oceans meet at New Zealand’s most north-westerly point, is said to be ‘the place of leaping’ where the spirits of the dead begin their long journey home sliding down the roots of the tree to the ocean below…

This month we’ve been looking at stories…the stories we tell ourselves about who we are, and whether they help us to become more of who we are, or, limit us.

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What story do you tell yourself about who you are… and who you’re becoming?

Is it one of expansion, or, does it make you less and keep you in a box?

Is your story a celebration of your journey, or, do you see yourself as victim of life?


As you get ready to step into 2018, what story do you want to create? Is it one that’s magical, full of fun, surprises and  learning? Is it one in which you are prepared to be the real you?


Wishing you a magical Christmas, a time when you feel both joy and peace … and enjoy a few surprises!


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