Look what I saw the other day while out walking in Hong Kong! This beautiful green lizard, the largest I’ve ever seen, perched upon a rock in all his glory. What fascinated me was how still he was.

Which got me thinking… the best advice I was ever given about HOW to move through any change or challenge in life was to do so in a way that is supportive and empowering.

How easy it is to forget to support our self. How easy it is when we’re doing something new to jump in with lots of enthusiasm, full of inspiration, a plan in mind, only then to find that our mind overwhelms us with questions, questions. The next thing we know we feel stressed and exhausted by the busyness of our thinking and the noise of everything.

This is when it’s important to support our self. We need to slow down, stop, take a breath, be still. The best way I’ve found to be still is to take the time to meditate and find the silent space within and listen to the voice of your soul. This is where you find serenity and awaken your inner wisdom, where we find clarity.

Sometimes we need to wait before taking the next step. And, as my mentor says, it’s always good to have a cup of tea at these times!


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