Step out of the concrete

If the colour of your diamond is yellow, how would you describe your mindset? 

Yellow is the colour of the solar plexus chakra which connects us to our thoughts and speaks to the question ‘who I am?’, our individuality, so it’s about self- esteem and self will.

When you have a healthy sense of who you are, you have mental clarity, your thinking is positive, creative, you’re open to explore new ideas, new ways of thinking. Feeling comfortable in your own skin, you will feel strong and confident in your opinions and be able to communicate clearly.

When the energy is out of balance, if you have a tendency to control life… you want to feel safe, you tend to be cautious, your thinking may be literal, it can be rigid… and almost become concrete!

When the concrete cracks, something new can be born, and everything is possible! To step out of the concrete, connect with the light in your heart.

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