This week we celebrate the solstice, a time when the energy of the sun stands still for three days. In Machu Picchu, Peru, the sun god, Inti, is celebrated and, when the sun of the winter solstice enters through a central window in the Temple of the Sun, it falls directly onto a large ceremonial stone with a precision that only the ancients seem capable of.

Whether we’re in the northern or the southern hemisphere, the solstice is a time for us to shine a light on who we are, where we’re going, what family means to us and whether we’re happy or not.

How do you find the idea of standing still? If you’re someone who likes to be active, focused on goals, in control, busy, busy,  you may find it a bit tricky to put things on hold and stand still.  You may even feel guilty? Yet, just as a farmer allows a field to lie fallow for a time so that it can rest and restore its fertility, so it is for us. Standing still is as important as planting seeds; the seed of the new is present in the shell of the old. What in your life might you release in order to grow? The way you look at your past….old patterns or ways of thinking that limit you… emotional fears?

If you’d like to join a meditation this summer solstice, the Harmony 21 Group meets live on Facebook on the 21 st of each month to share light. Click on this link to join –

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