Square peg in a round hole?

Have you ever felt like a square peg in a round hole?

Have you ever felt that somehow you never quite fit in?

Do others tell you that are ‘too sensitive’?

We live in a world of difference, each of us unique yet inter-connected on so many levels. Why then do many of us have a challenge understanding and accepting difference? Race, colour, religion, politics, nationality, gender…

Having a personal interest in Asperger Syndrome, last week I attended a workshop presented by Dr Tony Attwood on Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders which was absolutely inspirational. Light-hearted, with a personal story that touched hearts, he spoke of autism as simply being a different way of thinking, perceiving, learning, relating which brings both opportunities and challenges. Hearing this, I imagined… what if… with understanding one day we can accept everyone, know that there is goodness in us all, and together live in harmony. What a wonderful world that would be!

The one thing that impacted me most at this event was hearing that at the age of 6,7, or 8 children with ASD know they are different, and, when teased or bullied as they often are, that can lead to a feeling of being defective and plant the seeds of depression. Finding it hard to describe who they are, sometimes even uncertain of their gender, they often identify their personality by what they do and know, the question of their identity often seen as something that needs to be fixed.

Many of us, ASD or not, can feel that we don’t fit in because we’ve been taught we must do this, we must do that, yet it doesn’t feel right within our self. And, if we were teased or scolded, our sense of worth can be shaky. Later in life, our experiences can have us question again our value or our role – who am I, what is my purpose?

Before we can truly accept others, we need to accept our self. How can you see your value in what you bring to others, in who you are, rather than the title you wear? What are your strengths and gifts?

Knowing and accepting who we are, we live outside the box, bringing colour to a world that is pretty boring if everything is black and colour. Who wants to live in a box?! Life is about making a contribution, not about fitting in. So, if you feel like a square peg in a round hole, be who you are, enjoy your quirkiness, live your magic! Align your value to the highest aspect of who you are, the diamond within your heart, and live your highest potential!

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