What is spirituality?

These past few weeks, several people have asked what does ‘spirituality’ mean to me.

Spirituality means different things to different people. For me, it means knowing that I am connected to something much larger than myself – call it the Divine, the Source, Higher Self, Intuition, whatever you like – and I am here for a reason, to learn and grow and share. I am spirit having a physical experience. We all are.

It’s a way of living. I look to live my life consciously – alert, awake, aware – sharing who I am with an open heart, seeing the bigger picture and accepting what is, being kind, discerning, seeing the significance rather than the appearance of things, living simply and in community. Of course, I’m human and sometimes I slip up! Nevertheless, I do my best to live this way. I do what I love, and like to be with people whose energy is uplifting. I aspire to allow the light in my heart to shine, and be light-hearted. The best thing about connecting to my spirit is it brings me joy!

For much of my life, I’ve tried to be someone I’m not, turning myself into a pretzel in order to be accepted. That simply doesn’t work – it’s hard work and a waste of energy. I believe our soul chooses specific challenges to help us grow, to heal the part of us that feels betrayed, frightened or alone, to share our light and lift the vibration of the world. We create our own experiences. My lessons have been around acceptance and allowing, and I’ve learned through the contrast of light and dark. Often I’ve learned the hard way! My learning is in “Polishing The Diamond”.

Traditional coaching focuses on results. It aligns with the personality, our wants, needs, and goals. Sometimes people are coached to achieve a goal, they put it in a box, then get stuck because they don’t know what to do next. Looking back, I see that my coaching focused on helping my client get more understanding of who they are so they could make empowering choices. And still the emphasis was on outcomes. Mentoring helps you to look at what is not happening holistically, where there is a lack of acceptance, of wholeness. It is more about who am I than what I do. It’s about thinking outside the box, considering possibilities, saying “yes, yes….”. It’s about finding what works for you.

Our planet right now may look as if it is experiencing a systems break-down. In many places, there is anger, hatred, violence, fear, chaos. People, governments, nations competing for power and control. Financial systems sometimes appear to be wobbling. The media bombards us with stories of pain and suffering, with the idea that Mother Earth is wounded, our weather systems out of control. We don’t need to attach to what we are told in the news. What if… this is all part of the plan, to teach us to change and return to spirit? To see the inter-connectedness of all life, to respect all living beings. Change the energy within us and we change the energy of everyone we connect with, we change our world.

If you want to connect to the spirit within you, I will be delighted to walk with you.

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