You’ve decided it’s time for a new start. No more struggle. WONDERFUL!

The one thing that is constant in your life is you…you are the leading character in the story of your life. You may have played this role or that in the past; now you can choose who you want to be moving forward.

So, who is the new you going to be? How can you decide?

If you start with how you see yourself now, who you think you are, you can then ask:

“Is this who I really want to be?”

Here is a short visualisation exercise which asks you to look at how you see yourself now, and then helps you to see who you want to become.. You can listen to the audio below… 

Create some time in your day just for you, let’s say half an hour. Make sure you won’t be disturbed…

What’s possible for this you that you did not see when you first looked?

Make a note in your journal of all that you experienced. Were there any surprises?

Believe in yourself – you are already brilliant!