Seeing through the eyes of your heart

Last week we talked about moving beyond appearance, seeing the significance of things and I asked the question –

Are you willing to see life through the eyes of your heart and explore what is possible?

When we look at appearance, we often judge and compare. In that way, we see our self as separate, perhaps above or less than others. When we focus on any ‘flaws’, we bring our energy down and that has an impact on everyone around us. The truth is we are each a reflection of the other, and we are each a spark of light. When we doubt that we are each divine and need to prove who we are, this separates us from knowing who we are, knowing that we are interconnected. When we look at significance, we see that we are each a spark of light, each unique, and we see with the eyes of our heart. We look to take care of one another, to collaborate so that we all benefit.

To see through the eyes of our heart, we need to first take care of our healing and then connect to the spark of light, the diamond within our heart. Then, we can positively thrive, everything is possible!

If healing is simply balancing your energy, what needs balancing within you?

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