Seeing the significance.

Do you ever stop to ask…

  • what is the significance of what is happening in the world;
  • who you are and what is your area significance?

Its easy to look at the appearance of things…….

On the surface, our planet appears to be going through a period of massive upheaval not only in terms of climate change, also politically with leaders arguing, fighting, criticising, financial markets being turned upside down, and individually with everyday news of mass shootings, violence and rage….and now we have the corona virus.

When we attach to the appearance of things, it matters to us …and it’s easy to interpret, to judge, to become fearful.

When, however, we look at the significance of what’s happening, what is underneath the surface … what if it’s simply time for change, old forms have served their purpose, time to turn everything around, time to collaborate, to come together and unite, to see that we are one family, one heart, one mind?

And… how do you see who you are? Often what we see is an illusion, the illusion coming from the masks we wear, the roles we play to hide our insecurities, the habits we adopt when we play small. Often we see everything we were in the past, not who we are now. What story do you tell yourself to avoid moving forwards?

To what extent do you see yourself as separate from, above or less than others? The truth is we are each a reflection of the other.

What about the illusion we place between the divine and ourselves? When we doubt the divine, when we doubt that we are each divine and need to prove who we are, this separates us from knowing who we are, it separates us from oneness.

And, when you’re challenged by someone, when you might not like their behaviour, can you recognise the energy and accept this is how they are at the moment and…  nevertheless see the divine within them?

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