Seed pods


Yesterday it was Mothers’ Day in the UK, and my thoughts turned to mothering. How we are mothered, how we mother our children, how we mother our self, how Mother Earth nurtures us. That’s a lot of mothering!

And, visiting the botanical gardens at Mount Lofty in Adelaide, I was reminded of the rose-hips that grew wild in the hedgerows around the village where I grew up. Rose-hips – the seed pods of roses, a symbol of prosperity and fertility, and a great source of Vitamin C!

If you think about seeds and the family seedpod in which you grew up, did you fit in, or, do you feel in any way that you were a different seed? Is it time now to seed your own pod? To become aware of and understand what you want to nourish and watch grow? To find the universal values at the core within you – beyond what you learned or accepted from others?

Our soul chooses our parents for a reason, to learn what we are here to learn. As we grow, we become aware of how we are like or unlike them through our attitudes, beliefs, our habits, and we can decide whether to accept or move beyond them. Our mother looks to share the benefit of her experiences; what we do with this gift is  up to us.

Happy Mothers’ Day!


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