Say ‘yes’ to life!

These last few months we’ve been looking at colour, at the energy of different colours, as a way of helping you to understand who you are at heart. Each of us has our own vibration…a drum in our soul guiding us on our path to be who we’re meant to be and understand our purpose and connection to each other…and that vibration has a colour.

If you see yourself as a yellow diamond, it’s likely you will enjoy learning and sharing knowledge with others through offering different perspectives…you might be a teacher. When you’re comfortable in your own skin, there’s less judgement of others and so you will bring a sense of acceptance and belonging. Imaginative and optimistic, with a healthy self esteem, you’ll be happy to take risks, to learn and grow.

The biggest soul challenge/opportunity is likely to be around letting go the ways you try to control life and learning to accept what is. When you connect with the diamond, you open your heart to your guidance and learn you don’t need to do it all by yourself…and you can say “yes” to life! You can open up to not knowing, not being able to control outcomes or how you might appear to others, trusting yourself to be your best.

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