Rubbing up against each other

For all that we may resist conflict or challenging experiences, sometimes rubbing up against each other is what is needed for us to change. Fire is the energy that begins the process of transformation. With every challenge we encounter, there’s an opportunity to learn what we need to learn, a rough piece of the surface can be worn off and a smooth, polished facet created.

Remember that carbon has to endure pressure and heat to go from black to clear to become the diamond. Diamonds are formed so the purification, the purity of the diamond, comes from the heat of the fire.

Because we are both personality and soul and our soul’s purpose is to guide us, to help us move beyond our fears, our limitations, a state of fire by friction can be set up. Sometimes the people to whom we are closest can be the ones with whom the friction is greatest.

Rather than resist, what can we do? Of course, we can ask in meditation to understand what is causing us to feel angry or afraid and what we need to learn, what is the significance of what we’re being shown. We can express what we’re feeling and thinking, and look to set any boundaries.

We can also ask ourself how would we like to be if we were not angry or afraid? Peaceful, joyful, accepting, kind…? Then, create a habit of taking one action every day that will allow you to be this. In this way, you transmute the fire energy into loving purpose. Transform it into motivation, inspiration, goodwill, love … to move forwards.

Friction within our relationships is a mirror of friction within, between our soul and personality. When we resist resolving our lessons, the friction can ultimately result in physical disease, so… perhaps it’s better to let go of the resistance, and get on with the lesson so we can be our best!

Collaboration is a source of positive friction!

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