Red and yellow and pink and green… listen to your heart… ?

Waking up this morning, these words of the well-known children’s song playing in my head, I found myself pondering…

What if…

  • we can use colour to recognise who we are – our personality, our soul, the diamond within our heart, our purpose
  • we can use colour to see and understand others and our relationships, to see beyond our minds
  • the different rays of energy, the different colours, are there for us to radiate our gifts out into the world?


When we accept that everything external to us is a reflection of what’s within, then we are the rainbow, a bridge between heaven and earth, ‘as above so below’.

Colour is a vibration, and the vibration has power according to the quality of colour. The quality of the different aspects of who we are determine the brilliance of our diamond. So, what is your predominant colour? What qualities do you bring to your world? Have they been refined? How have your personal experiences purified and polished up the diamond within your heart?

If you feel you’ve lost your sense of direction, if you’ve just had the carpet pulled from under your feet, contact me and we can talk about how you can get reconnect with who you are and do what you need to do to pick yourself up.

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