Red…a diamond that grabs our attention.

Red diamonds are unusual, stunning, red is a colour that grabs our attention.

Red: you may find it fun and playful….or… feel it’s too much. How is it for you?

Red is powerful. For most of us, red feels fiery, hot and passionate, it is life force energy, vitality. It provokes strong emotions. You may associate it with passion, love, desire, with excitement, motivation, being ‘hot bloodied’. And, if things are not happening fast enough, if you tend to be impatient, you may be ‘hot headed’ and feel angry, frustrated when you don’t get your own way, or, if you’re afraid of expressing your anger, you may keep it inside, suppress it and be silently resentful. That’s how it used to be for me when I didn’t feel secure within myself.

Are you a red diamond, does the colour red define who you are?

When you can fully accept that you are a red diamond, your energy becomes softer, there’s no fear that you might be aggressive.


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