Reach for the light

We’ve talked in recent weeks about our lives being turned upside down and the opportunity to create a better world, imagining what we’d like to see. We’ve discussed how we need to explore what change we need to make within our self, who we would like to become, in order to create that world.

Often when we go through a transition in life, somewhere behind the scenes our soul is sneakily prompting us to be more of who we are. So… the question is what can you bring out of who you are that will take you forward?

Like trees, as we grow we need strong roots to keep us connected, we need keep our feet firmly on the ground. And, as we reach to the sky, we get nourishment from above, from the warmth and the light of the sun and the rain.

Like trees that find a way to grow through rocks, so we have the capacity to find creative ways to grow through our challenges, to move beyond any obstacles we meet on our path as we reach for the light that feeds us.

What we can bring out is our Essence, the light within us, that knows what’s best for us, that offers us security, that guides us to be real, to live our potential in service to others. All you need to do is go into your heart, and focus on serving others rather than to your self.

How does your Essence communicate with you?

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