Questions, questions…how to quieten your mind.

As someone with an insatiable curiosity, I’m known to ask questions! Questions help me in understanding why and how, and, I’ve become aware that questions can drive me crazy.

Being in our head, in our thoughts, can be exhausting, draining our energy, and sometimes causing angst, what with our mind’s tendency to doubt, label, judge, perceive in terms of right/wrong.

More and more it seems, we’ve forgotten how to be in our heart. Yet, in order to trust, we need to learn to connect with our body, our heart, our intuition, Spirit.

Technology has definitely played its role in us being more mentally inclined. However, being in our mind is also a mechanism we may use to protect our self, to avoid being hurt. It can be a means of control. The problem is in doing this is that we can close the door on our intuition; and, taken to extremes, we can build a wall around our heart and stop feeling. Feelings suppressed can later come back and smack us in the face causing us to lash out at others and cause harm.

How to quieten that voice in your head?

  • Become aware of your thoughts and the emotions that go with them.
  • Instead of pursuing your thoughts, simply observe and let them be. Don’t engage in the story!
  • When something happens that you don’t like, feel your body react, ask what it is telling you. What within you has been triggered? Ask your intuition, your heart, for the answer and it will come immediately. It will be short and simple.
  • Practise meditating to discipline your mind and experience stillness. The more you do it, the more you’ll want to enjoy this feeling!
  • Consciously focus on appreciating the beauty – in nature, in the people around you. Being present in the moment is a great way to take us out of our thoughts.


Of course, we can choose what thoughts and feelings we want to experience. We can let our Intuition guide us. When we do, what we often hear is ‘yes, I can…. ‘ We can then use our mind to make our plan to achieve our goal. And so, we find balance – head and heart.



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