How often do you hesitate to start working on something if you think you can’t do it? How much do you put off crucial decisions because you’re unable to make up your mind? Are you waiting for something magical to happen and be inspired?

For some of us, procrastination is simply the way we function best – we work well under pressure. For many others, procrastination is a symptom of fear, fear of taking the first step.

One of my clients was afraid to be seen to be stupid – he needed to be seen to be an expert and had to be right. He was a big talker and great researcher. He had to be good at something before he ever made a start. Another was afraid to be seen as incompetent, quality and closure were important to her, and until she buys into knowing she can do things perfectly she never commits to any job. Yet another didn’t like the mundane; she gets easily bored, hates routine and doesn’t like to follow the rules. She wants life to be easy; she rarely gets projects off the ground. She is driven by a need to feel special and feels frustrated that she can never meet her potential. She fears being ordinary.

Many of us are afraid of failure, of getting it wrong, afraid of making a mistake. We can waste a lot of time and energy worrying about “doing things properly”. What we don’t realise is that success is in the attempt rather than the conclusion. We only fail if we never take action. We can make mistakes, and, if we see them as spiritual lessons, they will always be purposeful.  

When we want to make a new start, do something new, it’s easy for our fear to say ‘wait…. ‘, or, ‘yes, but…”. So, we just float around. When we listen to our soul, it often says ‘ jump right in!’ And, when we give ourselves a deadline, its amazing how much more effectively and quickly we can take care of what we want to achieve.

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