Polishing the Diamond – Getting to Know You:

When you know it’s time to get to know who you really are, you’re ready to take the first step – this programme is for you!

During the “Getting To Know You” programme, you will begin to see that you do matter, you do have value, you are here for a reason… and you’ll feel a sense that everything is going to be ok, you can create a new life and not only will you survive, you can thrive!

The “Getting To Know You” programme includes:-

  • tips on how to take care of yourself on different levels,
  • a meditation on how to let go of any shackles,
  • and tips on how to  change any patterns that tend to trip you up.

The programme is only US$199.

When you sign up below (to explore the full itinerary) you’ll receive full programme details and how to pay.

Polishing The Diamond

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