Do you feel like something is missing in your life?


You’re comfortable enough, yet life is the same old, same old?


There’s nothing worse than feeling that you’ve lost your sense of who you are – no passion, no purpose, no sense of meaning in life. You wonder what life is all about. I know what that’s like, I’ve been there – I just didn’t know what to do with myself.  Our “Getting To Know You” programme was created from that.

What would it mean to you to:

      • wake up with a renewed sense of well-being
      • know you have emotional and mental balance
      • enjoy a feeling of joy rather than think life is one long struggle
      • find your voice, be able to ask for what you want, and have great relationships
      • have the courage to take the next step towards your dream
      • manifest a life that is rich in every sense, with trust in yourself
      • find the freedom to be, and do, whatever your heart desires?

** Introducing our “Getting To Know You” programme **


No more holding back!
Imagine… life is fun, life is full… you are flying high and anything is possible.

Align on all levels and enjoy life being you!

This is what your “Getting To Know You” journey will look like:

Day 1: Let’s go on an expedition – to understand yourself better. You will look at what life has taught you and reflect on the theme of what you’re here to learn.


Day 2: Get to know your diamond – to understand what fear and freedom look like for you. You’ll get tools to practise living with responsibility, intent, thankfulness and acceptance.


Day 3: Facets create magic with light – open your heart, bring in light and look at yourself through the eyes of love, and, remember what brings you joy.


Day 4: Taking care of your diamond –  get tools to take care care of yourself on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. You will also receive a free meditation to let go of anything that limits you.


Day 5: Let go of the mask – see what roles you play, and how they support and limit you. You will also see what you need to claim within so you can find the freedom to be the real you.


Day 6: Moving forward and shining – consider what next. The opportunity is to dream, dream big….then create an intent, make a plan, and, as they say, just do it!

The “Getting To Know You” programme also includes:-

  • a meditation to let go of anything that binds you,
  • tools to help you change any patterns that trip you up,
  • and so much more…

You can of course take as long as you like with this work!

All of this for just £134.99

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