Our most important relationship

From time to time, life’s events can have us feel lonely for a while and this is a natural part of the process of change. Some people who appear to have everything going for them can also experience loneliness. Friends may be scattered, busy with activities or looking after children at weekends. Social life with colleagues can be mechanical, the masks are on; and there is a longing to build deeper relationships with ‘real’ conversation, as one of my clients recently said.

The lonely feeling that comes with a longing for deeper relationships is often a call to develop a deeper connection with our self, with our soul, to look within. And that is where transformation begins. It’s where we find our true self, unearth all our strengths and gifts, and connect to Spirit. Once we connect to Spirit, we know we are not alone, we are always supported, and we can find our way ‘back home’.

How would you describe your relationship with yourself? Is it one that is open, loving, compassionate, kind? Are you connected to your heart – or, has your heart closed as a way of protecting yourself? Many of us wear a mask or a shield as a reaction to life’s experiences. Behind the mask is our unresolved pain. For many of us, we are conditioned to suppress painful emotions.

Our heart centre is the mediator between our higher and lower chakras, our higher chakras being more about receiving, our lower chakras about our security, our needs and wants. When we’re out of balance, we may be challenged with our needs and wants and what we receive. It may be that we give too much, or too little.

It’s therefore good to take a look at clearing out old energy and rebalancing. Until we are aligned and in harmony on all levels, we cannot have harmonious relationships with others.  With Venus retrograde right now, it’s the perfect time to go on retreat, connect and align with our self, and shine a light on what we want most from our relationships.

Is it time to cleanse and polish the diamond within your heart? Is it time to develop your relationship with Spirit?


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